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      Quality is not a question of chance: it is the result of an intelligent effort.


Our company was born in 1992 as the result of personal effort and with experience, modesty, perseverance and seriousness, we opened a gap into our specialty: quality battery holders. If we stand now where we are, it is simply thanks to the priceless collaboration of all our customers.

We have always tried to provide our customers with the best service, being all the time quicker and more efficient to attend your necessities. We strive to get involved in your projects and to advise to improve all the aspects of the assembly line with the maximum quality and speed, avoiding unnecessary costs. Just tell us your needs and we will help you to realice them.

Thank you for your confidence!


The commitment of the whole organization and therefore of all the people who work very hard to overcome the expectations of our customers allow us to achieve what is dear to us: quality.

We foment continuous improvement and we believe in team work as the main instrument for the permanent improvement of our products, services, processes and cost.

Our quality systems are based on the technical criteria of the UNE-EN ISO 9002 standard.

In order to realize all these objectives, we do not save our efforts and we bring up all the necessary means and training to achieve top quality, an excellent service and continuous improvement. 

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